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BEST ALTERNATIVE TO RODE CREATE WITHOUT LIMITSExplore NearStream audio series's versatility in diverse scenarios podcasting/gaming/voice recording/interview/online conference.
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The most powerful wireless microphone system that delivers exceptional sound quality at distances of up to 200M.



Studio quality dynamic microphone with both XLR and USB mode for professional podcasting.



ultra-compact wireless lavalier microphone, deal for audio recording on mobile phones



Wireless System & Power Amplifier for Challenging Environment



Professional Multi-Pattern USB Mic with Greater capture distance to sit back and Relax.



Best Noise-Cancelling Video Mic with 8-element Microphone Arrays.



studio-grade vocals & authentic sound capture Mixer with XLR microphone and instrument interface. 



Hear what our customers are saying about NearStream Audios

James Murphy

Excellent, versatile and well made microphone

I have a ridiculous number of microphones of all types. I'm a serious mic snob and generally hypercritical when it comes to content creation gear. This might be the best microphone of any type that I've come across this year. The product description describes the design as 'sleek and iconic'. It's definitely sleek and if they keep dropping microphones of this quality it'll definitely become iconic.

A. S.

Nearstream AM10U microphone

Nearstream makes excellent quality products, and this standalone podcast mic is exceptional. This one is USB and can be connected to other devices like a Nearstream VM33. The sound quality is amazing, I did have to enable a noise suppression filter in OBS, but that's not due to this mic. No gain was required, it picked up my deep voice cleanly and kept the levels in line. It came with it's own very high quality stand. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it, the value is there for a high quality microphone. You won't be disappointed.

Jane Fairchild

Really good microphone

Great microphone for content creators or gamers. It's well priced for the quality that you get. I love that you can choose between three different voice pickup patterns. That makes it a lot more versatile than other microphones even in this price range. It's sensitive but yet it's really good at not picking up too much. Background noise which I love. Sounds great and it's very easy to operate on my windows PC. This is a high quality piece of equipment and I'm very happy with it.

Vincent R.

Phenomenal microphone

This is an incredible versatile microphone. Has a mic out for cameras or PC, but can be connected directly to your PC with the included USB cable. Supports a headphone out as well.In the box you get a microphone sock and basic coldshoe mount for a camera.Using this with my PC, it's completely plug and play, no software required. I comfortably use this microphone and speak normally and come in loud and clear, as if I were in the same room with others.If you want a great quality microphone with flexibility this is a great option.