VM33 Features Microphone Array Beamforming

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1. What is Microphone Array Beamforming?

Microphone array is a group of microphones that are arranged in a specific pattern to capture sound from different directions.

There are different types of microphone arrays that can be used for beamforming, such as linear arrays, circular arrays, and planar arrays.

Microphone array beamforming is a technique used in signal processing to enhance the quality of sound captured by a group of microphones arranged in a particular geometry.

It involves analyzing the signals captured by each microphone in the array and combining them in a way that maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio of the desired sound source.

In simpler terms, microphone array beamforming is a way of focusing the microphones on a specific sound source and reducing the amount of background noise or unwanted sounds in the recording.


2. Why is Microphone Array Beamforming important?

Microphone array beamforming is vital in various applications, such as speech recognition, teleconferencing, and acoustic signal processing.

Using beamforming can improve the signal-to-noise ratio, leading to better speech intelligibility and overall audio quality.

One of the main advantages of microphone array beamforming is its ability to selectively pick up sound from a specific direction while rejecting sounds from other directions. This is particularly useful in scenarios where there is a lot of background noise or multiple sound sources, such as remote meetings or music festivals.


3. How does the VM33 camera use Microphone Array Beamforming?

VM33 camera is a high-definition live broadcast camera built by NearStream, with an integrated microphone array that uses beamforming technology to enhance audio quality.

The device has 8 microphones on the top, which are used for sound capture and audio noise reduction.

The 8-microphone array can pick up sound from every direction in a room and process the audio signals using advanced algorithms to focus on the speaker's voice and minimize ambient noise and echo.

The beamforming technology in the VM33 allows for natural conversations with clear audio, making it a great option for remote team meetings, video conferences, and live streams.

Additionally, the camera features automatic speaker detection and video tracking to ensure that the camera always captures the active speaker in the meeting, making it easy for remote attendees to follow the conversation.


4. How does VM33's Microphone Array Beamforming technology elevate my audio experience?

The VM33 camera is equipped with Beamforming technology, which includes two key features.

Firstly, it enhances the directional focus of the microphone to reduce ambient noise interference in open scenes, such as when there are multiple speakers.

For instance, if you want to live stream an outdoor music festival, beamforming technology can focus your audio on the band's performance rather than the surrounding noise.

This scenario demonstrates how beamforming arrays can be used for noise reduction in crowded or congested areas, such as music festivals, sporting events, or other large public gatherings.

Secondly, it removes echoes and reverberations by eliminating delayed sounds reflected from walls and floors. This technology results in clearer and more accurate audio recording for high-quality content production.

Even if you're recording in a glass room, the audio will sound clear and unaffected.


Overall, beamforming arrays can help customers achieve higher performance, better reliability, and more efficient operation in a wide range of applications, including wireless communication, sensing, and imaging.

Built by NearStream, VM33 camera is a great example of how Microphone Array Beamforming can be used in a camera product to enhance audio quality and provide a more natural and productive video conferencing experience.

NearStream is a startup company based in Hangzhou, China with a mission to create an innovative and ultimate multicam live streaming experience for the new generation of content creators, influencers and videographers. Click here to view more.

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