How to Live a Cooking Show with NearStream VM33

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In today's digital era, platforms like social media give people more chances to showcase their cooking talents globally. People are willing to share their cooking more than ever. Today, let's explore the world of live-streaming cooking shows with the NearStream VM33. This handy tool not only makes live cooking shows easier but also enhances the viewer's experience with various camera angles and high-quality production.

Connecting to Major Platforms

With NearStream VM33,  users can effortlessly connect to major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, or use custom RTMP for a tailored streaming experience. Once it is set up, you're ready to embark on your live cooking journey in no time.

Multiple Camera Angles

NearStream VM33 enables you to set up three cameras in your kitchen, offering a nuanced visual experience for your audience. This feature unlocks captivating possibilities, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in your culinary journey from distinct perspectives. Leveraging a 20x optical zoom, each VM33 camera excels in capturing intricate details, facilitating close-ups of ingredients, and spotlighting specific cooking techniques with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Smartphone-Controlled Switching and Adjusting

NearStream VM33 shines in its smartphone integration, allowing you to effortlessly switch between cameras and adjust zoom levels with a simple tap on your screen. Whether presenting a vibrant salad or drizzling a delectable sauce, this feature enables seamless adaptation of camera angles and zoom levels, ensuring that every step of cooking is presented to the viewers.

Setup in minutes

Unlock the simplicity of your cooking show with NearStream VM33, where setup is a breeze, and ready in minutes. The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone, from chefs to cooking enthusiasts, can go live effortlessly. The efficient setup procedures eliminate unnecessary delays, allowing you to focus on creating a delectable cooking show.


With NearStream VM33, elevate your cooking show to new heights. From setting up multiple cameras for dynamic angles to the convenience of smartphone control, this multicam solution ensures your culinary creations are presented in the best possible light. Start your cooking show with NearStream VM33 and make each live stream a delectable visual feast for your viewers.

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