How to Navigate VM33 Settings?

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1. Enter setting page

Connect your VM33 camera to the NearStream app. Select it on the Camera page and tap to find VM33 Settings.

2. VM33 settings

2.1 Auto Turn Off

This function allows VM33 camera to turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

This means that if the camera is turned on but the app is not connected to it, VM33 cameras will shut off on its own to preserve battery power.
You can enable this feature by toggle on this switch.

2.2 Password

Set a password for VM33, so unwanted access won’t interrupt your shooting.

Toggle the Password switch on to create a password for VM33. You can also choose whether the mobile device you are using remembers the password, eliminating the need to enter it repeatedly when connecting with the same device.

2.3 High FPs Switch

High FPS, or High Frames Per Second, is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images (frames) are captured or displayed.

Turning on this feature allows your video to show smoother picture effects and reduce lag. However, you need a fast and stable network environment to use this feature during live streaming.

2.4 Indicator Setting

This switch is on by default, so you can tell the status of your VM33 by the different colors of the Indicator below the camera. Toggling off this switch will turn off the Indicator.

2.5 camera information

You can find the version and IP of your VM33 camera in its settings page when you need this information for RMAs (refunds, repairs, and replacements) or other occasions.

2.6 remote control

On the VM33 settings page, you can shutdown or reboot the VM33 camera you selected for remote control, or you can restore the camera's factory settings.


3. Settings coming soon

3.1 Key Function Setting [coming soon]

This feature will allow you to set the effect of clicking the power button. If you want to start recording or live streaming with a single click on the power button, tap Key Function Setting to select it.

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