How to Record Using VM33 Camera?

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1. Introduction

With help of the NearStream app, you can record videos shot by VM33 cameras. 

We offer both device recording(cell phone) and SD card recording(self-purchase required) for you to choose from. You can also choose to record video to both your cell phone and SD card.

2. Record page

Once your VM33 is connected to the NearStream app, press “Rec” icon to enter the Record page. Toggle on “Record to Mobile” to record the video to your mobile phone.

If you want to choose “Record to Device”, make sure that you have inserted an SD card beforehand.


3. Select recording quality

You can tap on the numbers right below the purple button to select different quality for your recordings.

Currently, the VM33 camera supports the highest image quality of 1080p HIGH when recording.

4. Start and stop recording

Back to the record page, press the purple “Start Recording” to begin your recording. Once you’re done, enter the record page and press “Stop Recording”.

5. Find your recording

After finishing recording, you may find your video in photo albums on your mobile phone, or in the SD card.

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