How to Stream to a Custom Destination via RTMP

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With the NearStream App, you can create a broadcast and use VM33 to stream it to a custom destination, for instance, Vimeo or even Microsoft teams. They are currently not integrated with many platforms, but once you have the source URL and key you can insert it in the NearStream app.

You can also stream to any streaming destination that accepts RTMP protocol, such as Youtube, Facebook, and other providers.

Below you will find a video showing how to start a live stream via RTMP.

Check here for a step-to-step guide to stream via RTMP using VM33 camera and the NearStream App.

1. RTMP page

Click the Live button and enter the Live Platform page, tap RTMP and then the ADD button to add a new RTMP destination.

2. Enter RTMP URL and Key

Give your streaming destination a unique title, then enter your provider’s RTMP URL and Stream Key respectively into RTMP Server URL and RTMP Stream Key.

If your provider has a mobile app or mobile-friendly website from which you can find the URL and stream key, you can save time by copying and pasting them into their respective fields in the NearStream app.


Tap Stream URL, and fill your RTMP URL AND RTMP Key into RTMP Stream URL. When you are done, tap Update.

3. Add Destination & Go live

Your streaming event will appear on the RTMP page. Select it and add it as a new destination. Then tap Go Live.

The NearStream app will remember your RTMP destination so you don't need to enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key every time you connect to your camera. You can click + Destination on the live page to add another destination.

4. Stop push

When your event is over, tap End Stream on the bottom of the live screen. 

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