How to Stream Using NearStream VM33

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You can use VM33 with the NearStream App to stream to popular platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. Or you can choose to stream to a custom RTMP destination.

To start streaming, open the NearStream app and click the Live button at the top of your screen.

You can choose between two approaches to start streaming and set up your event.

You can choose to toggle the Record switch on, in order to record the event to your device or to an SD card at the same quality as your stream.

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To stop the broadcast, simply tap the Live button again.

Below you will find each destination along with directions for each platform.


With YouTube, you can stream without the need for an event or you can stream to a new event. Also, you can stream to an event that was created in YouTube Studio. YouTube allows you to go live to your channel using RTMPS.

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You can stream to Facebook personal profiles, groups, and pages using the built-in function in the NearStream app. Facebook also allows you to stream directly using RTMP.

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You can stream to Twitch with the built-in Twitch function in the NearStream app.

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Custom RTMP

You can go live to many destinations that allow RTMP connection. Each platform is different but once you have the source URL and key you can insert it in the NearStream app.

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March 15, 2023
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Live stream

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