How to Use and Switch between Multi-Cameras

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With the help of the NearStream App, you can use up to three VM33 cameras simultaneously and switch between different screens with one click.

1. Connecting multiple cameras to your device

Make sure to turn on your mobile device's Bluetooth and WiFi network. Click the + button, then the Camera, so your camera will be detected and listed on the Connect VM33 page.

Click the Setup or Connect button to finish the connection. Once connected, text on the purple button will turn into disconnect.

Up to three VM33 cameras can be connected to your device at the same time.

Tip: Click here for concrete steps to connect VM33 to your mobile device.

If you want to remove a connected camera from your list, just click the Disconnect button and then Yes.

2. Switching between multiple cameras while using

With multiple cameras connected to the device, you can switch between them while streaming or recording according to your need.

The main screen shows your live or record screen. Click on the grid view below to choose between the screens of different cameras.


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