How to Use NDI with NearStream

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NDI plays an important role in live stream transmitting, and now we are thrilled to announce that NDI is available in NearStream app. Let’s explore the blog for more information about this protocol and find detailed instructions on utilizing NDI with VM33 and VM46!

What is NDI?

Network Device Interface (NDI) is a software specification developed by the technology company NewTek that enables high-definition video to be delivered, received, and communicated over a computer network in a low-latency, high-quality manner. The specification is royalty-free and allows for frame accurate switching, making it suitable for use in live production environments.



 Why NDI is Important for Live Streaming?

NDI utilizes digital high-definition ethernet transmission technology. It directly connects front-end capture devices and transmits uncompressed real-time digital HD signals through the network data link layer. These signals are sent to NDI analysis devices on the receiving end (such as DVRs, compression cards, relays, optical transceivers, etc.), achieving high-quality results.

With NDI, you can:

  1. Escape from Traditional Cables: NDI allows us to move away from traditional HDMI and SDI cables.
  2. Standard Protocol: NDI is designed for ultra-low latency, lossless transmission, and interactive control over IP networks.
  3. Broadcast-Quality Signals: Encoded NDI audio and video signals can be transmitted and received over IP networks, supporting low-latency, frame-accurate video, and data streams.
  4. Real-Time Transmission: NDI provides nearly real-time ultra-low latency, lossless transmission, and bidirectional control.
  5. Compatible with Video Products: NDI-compatible video products can communicate, transmit, and receive broadcast-quality video signals with high quality, low latency, and frame accuracy. This makes it ideal for live production environments where switching is required.

NDI Integration on NearStream VM33/ VM46 

As a brand that always values customer voices and constantly innovates, our tech team has been working relentlessly to deliver the NDI feature. After countless times of saying “NDI is coming soon” to everyone, we can now officially announce that we’ve done it - NDI is available in our NearStream app. And we’ll explore how NearStream leverages NDI technology to streamline your live streaming workflow in the following paragraph. 


How to use NDI on NearStream VM33/VM46

Once you have the NDI software installed, follow the steps below to enable it: 

(You also need to update to the latest software and firmware version on the NearStream App)


  1. Connect your VM33/VM46 camera, then open the NearStream App. Click the tool icon and choose “Device Setting”.


     2.Find NDI settings.


     3. You can choose different NDI resolutions and bitrates in the settings or choose custom resolution and bitrate.  


    4. Once you’re done setting those parameters, enable the NDI. Once NDI is activated, the camera feed will be disconnected from the app.


  1. Open the NDI tools on your computer and make sure the PC, your phone and the camera are under the same network.


    6. Choose the “LocalHost” on the NDI setting. Find your NearStream camera and you are ready to go!



What software can I use that supports NDI?

 The NearStream VM33/VM36 can be used with any software that accepts NDI, however, we have tested and have had great results with the following software.

  • Open Broadcast Studio (OBS)
  •  vMix

Meanwhile, we’re continuously testing other software’s performance and will keep updating this list in the future. 





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