No other streaming camera is like NearStream VM33 (by Jason Hoffman)

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One of our favorite YouTubers Jason Hoffman, acknowledged for his expertise in the field where he focuses on How-To’s and Reviews to make people live event streams more successful, recently shared his experience with the NearStream VM33. Now, let’s dive in and hear what Jason says about the NearStream VM33.


Favorite Features of NearStream VM33

1. Optical Zoom

Firstly, Jason spotlighted the optical zoom. While marketed as a hybrid 40x zoom, the VM33 surprises users with a 10x optical zoom, providing unparalleled flexibility for capturing details. With 40 clicks on the zoom slider, users are equipped with precise control over their shots.The camera's 2K sensor ensures a high-quality image even in the digital zoom range.

2. Manual focus

Accompanying the optical zoom is the second distinctive feature – manual focus. While the automatic focus performs admirably, the addition of manual focus in the VM33 allows users to fine-tune their shots with precision. Jason mentioned that this manual control proves especially useful in scenarios where automatic focus might struggle, such as capturing subjects in dynamic environment.                                                                 

3. Built-in music playlists 

A surprising third feature unveiled by Jason was the inclusion of playlists, a unique capability not commonly found in other streaming cameras. He demonstrated how users could seamlessly integrate music into their streams through the camera's software, providing an extra layer of customization.

4. 2K image quality          

The fourth bonus feature, exclusive to the NearStream VM33 at the time of the review, is the 2K recording capability. Jason highlighted its potential for users engaged in activities like sports analysis, video editing for worship services, or creating highlight reels.

5. Software upgrade

Moving on to the software upgrade, Jason commended the recent release of version 2.0, noting a significant improvement in the camera's overall performance. The update brings a sense of refinement and readiness, making the camera feel polished and suitable for prime time. With expected features like picture-in-picture, graphical overlays, and multi-camera views, the VM33 caters to the diverse needs of content creators.


"I see them dropping new releases of the software your patience has been rewarded. Version 2.0 really is starting to make use of the incredible hardware. This camera has that they built in and now we're getting to enjoy what this potential has been all along. " ~ by Jason 

Thanks to Jason's dedciated and honest review, NearStream VM33 camera has undergone significant improvements with the release of version 2.0 software. Now, VM33's potential is being fully realized, and users can now enjoy a more refined and capable device. The combination of quality hardware and improved software in version 2.0 contributes to an enhanced user experience. 



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