How to Choose the Virtual Meeting Tech for Remote Team?

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virtual meeting

It's 2023, and remote work has become increasingly popular as companies and employees recognize the benefits of working from anywhere.


1. Why Virtual Meeting is Important

As remote working expands, enterprises must find ways to keep their teams connected and productive. Virtual meetings are a fantastic communication tool that enables distant teams to communicate in real time, no matter where they are.

Not only are they more cost-effective than in-person meetings, but they also save staff time and money on travel. Choosing the best virtual meeting technology is crucial for remote workers.

This article will explore the features and benefits of various virtual meeting tech solutions for hybrid work. We'll discuss the key factors to consider when evaluating different options and tips for ensuring a successful virtual meeting experience.

By the end of this article, you'll better understand how to select a virtual meeting technology that meets your team's specific needs and preferences.


2. Features to Consider for Virtual Meeting Technology

2.1 Reliable video quality

  • Resolution: Higher resolutions generally result in a sharper and more detailed video.
  • Field of view: Cameras with a wide field of view can capture more of the meeting space, making it easier to see and hear everyone in the meeting.
  • Zoom: Cameras with good zoom capabilities can provide close-ups of individual participants or details in the room.
  • Color accuracy: Cameras with good color accuracy can produce natural and realistic video.

2.2 Reliable audio quality

  • Noise/echo cancellation ability to cancel the background noise
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Compatibility: The ability of the speakerphone to work with different devices and platforms.
  • Flexibility for different-sized meeting rooms

2.3 convenient control

wireless control from mobile phone apps


3. Best virtual meeting tech for remote teams

3.1 Exceptional sound quality

Powered by Auditoryworks, NearStream specializes in developing and implementing noise suppression technology. 

The advanced noise suppression algorithm in the NearStream products uses signal processing techniques to identify and filter out unwanted noise sources in real time. It can filter out constant and intermittent noise sources, such as background noise, echoes, and feedback. As a result, participants hear the audio more clearly and understandably, even in noisy environments.

3.2 Control system

A control system based on mobile app is helpful because it can help streamline and simplify the management of video conferencing cameras, including operating streaming and recording, adjusting images and settings, and troubleshooting issues.

3.3 Auto face detection

The auto-focus technology of NearStream cameras keeps the speaker in the virtual conference in the center of attention. Even if the speaker walks around the room, auto face detection ensures that he is always in the focus of the picture.


4. Conclusion

For remote teams, it's crucial to choose the right virtual meeting software. To make sure you pick the right one for your team, consider their needs, money, and objectives. Also, look at the advantages and features of different meeting tech solutions, and read customer reviews. Moreover, keep in mind that while technology can help with some communication issues, having clear communication rules and etiquette is essential for successful remote cooperation.

If you want to have effective communication practices and want to ensure that your remote team stays connected and productive, try out VM33. Built by NearStream, VM33 camera can serve as a plug-and-play webcam after connecting to your computer, improving video quality and adjustability without extra download needed.

NearStream is a startup company based in Hangzhou, China with a mission to create an innovative and ultimate multicam live streaming experience for the new generation of content creators, influencers and videographers. Click here to view more.

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