Suggested Video Quality for Your Streaming/Recording

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The VM33's video quality can reach 1080p resolution while streaming and/or recording.

However, we recommend you set recording resolution according to the speed and coverage of your network and usage scenario.

While circumstances can vary from network to network the general rule of thumb is:

You need twice the amount of upload bandwidth available as you will need for your stream.

1. Bitrate Estimates

Below we provide a rough estimation as to how much data each streaming quality will require per minute. Please note that these are estimations and numbers may vary.

We have included a value in gigabytes because that is how data plans are commonly calculated.


Min-Max Bitrate

Est. Data Usage(GB/hr)


1.2-6 Mbps

.55-2.65 GB


0.7-2 Mbps

.30-.88 GB


0.4-1.5 Mbps

.18-.66 GB


0.3-1 Mbps

.13-.44 GB


2. How do I choose which input quality to use?

2.1 Test to know your network speed

You can test your upload speed by going to or using their apps for Android or iOS.

Make sure that you are on the same network that you will use when streaming. Connectivity on a local Wi-Fi network might change and be impacted by other users using the same Wi-Fi network. This upload speed can change, so it is good to run a few tests.

Some users run speed tests in the hours before a live event when there aren't many other users nearby and get excellent results. However, once an event begins and many more people are in the area and using the same network, you may see a slower speed test result.

2.2 Adjust your camera input quality

The Camera Input Quality controls the video and audio quality that your camera sends to the NearStream app which is important when managing your network bandwidth. You can adjust this setting according to the speed and coverage of your network.

Stable WiFi network environment: Choose the highest video quality to present perfect audio and video effects. For example, choose 1080p HIGH video quality when you are broadcasting live games indoors.

Unstable network environment: When you need to do outdoor live streams, such as music festivals or sports matches, you can choose a relatively low video quality to reduce live streaming lag.


3. Selecting your camera input quality

You can change the camera input quality of your VM33 on the NearStream app.

Camera Input Quality is not your stream resolution, however, your selection will be the max quality that you can stream with.

To find the setting page, hit the gear icon on the upper right corner of camera page to enter the Main Menu page. Tap Camera Input Quality to select your ideal one.

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